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Birds In The Window: 4 Repairs To Make Your Windows Looking New Again

Birds are a great sight to see right outside your home. Many people try to attract birds with feeders, suet, and other options. However, while you would like to keep birds located on trees, tree houses, and other parts of your landscaping, they may often find interest in your windows, and over time, too many birds at your windows can result in a number of problems. The birds may cause damage and create a number of problems that need repair. Learn about these various problems and a variety of repairs that can make your windows look like new again and improve other elements of your home as well.

Cracked Double Pane Windows

Many homes use double pane windows to help control the energy inside of the home. The dual layers of glass can keep cold air out during the winter and hot air out during the summer. If there is a crack in these windows, then it can really decrease the energy efficiency inside of your home. In some cases, birds may be the cause of the cracking. A lot of times, birds may see their own reflection, get territorial, and attack at it, thinking it is another bird. If this is the case, the strong beak of the bird can create a slight crack. Changes in temperature or the location of the crack may only cause it to get worse. This is why it's important to have the window pane replaced or repaired. Along with replacing the glass, you may want to consider adding another special feature like window tinting. Not only will tinting help improve the energy efficiency in your home, but it can help reduce the amount of reflections that birds see on the outside of the window. This can make a huge difference in random bird attacks on your home.

Condensation Leaks

As birds fly near your home, they will be looking for a place to land and perch. A lot of times, this can take place on a window seal. As birds stand and peck at your window seals, they can create all types of problems for the glass. As the seals wear away, condensation may start forming between the panes of the windows. You will notice this condensation in the form of small water droplets or when the window easily fogs up. You may notice this more in the morning hours when a lot of moisture is filled in the air. A window repair specialist can examine all of the seals on the glass and repair them to help reduce condensation. If this leaking moisture gets into your home, it can create energy efficiency problems along with the ability to cause moisture damage in areas located near the window.

Scratching & Staining

Besides cracks and leaks, birds may also cause a number of visual problems on the window. Their sharp claws and beaks can create a number of scratches on the window pane. These scratches may result in poor visuals outside of the window. The scratches can be repaired or the glass section of the window can be replaced. A number of bird droppings on a window are not only unsightly, but they can cause a lot of various staining issues. Stained windows may have various forms of discoloration and can disrupt the clear view you have to the outside world.

Window Opening

Birds love to carry various objects as they fly around. Small items for nests, bird seed, and other debris can easily fall in the crevices of your window. As this occurs, you may find that it is a lot harder to open the window smoothly. If this is the case, then you can rely on window repair workers to fix the window and make it easy to slide open again. Rollers and other parts of the window may be replaced so that it can fully shut, lock, and be fully operational.

Once your repairs are done, you can enjoy the smooth operations and great visuals that your windows supply.

For more information and help with repairing your windows from bird damage, contact a glass company in your area, like Glasshopper Schor Glass.