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Want Outdoor Wall Lighting Fixtures? Get Ones That Are Easy To Keep Clean

Making your home look different from the outside is something that you can accomplish in many ways. Changing the landscape, replacing the windows, or even painting the exterior. But, you can also get new outdoor wall lighting fixtures while keeping the same bulbs to make a difference.

These fixtures will help you improve curb appeal, make your house more inviting, and you can even get extra ones to add throughout the property to increase overall lighting. It is worth looking for ones that are easy to keep clean so that you spend most of your time just enjoying them.

Completely Closed

Whenever you have light fixtures outside, flying insects will become attracted to them. This only happens when the lights are turned on, but this will happen on most evenings. It is ideal to look for fully closed designs in which you must open a door or unlock a latch to reach the bulb inside. You may want to prioritize those with a tight seal to prevent insects from getting in the fixture.

This will make them easy to maintain because insects will only ever be on the outside.

Simple Designs

Another quality that you should consider over others is simplicity in design. If a lighting fixture's design is complex, it will likely be more difficult to clean because of all the small grooves. When looking at a fixture, imagine trying to wipe the entire surface down with a moist paper towel.

If some parts look like they will be tough or impossible to reach with your hands or fingers, you may want to keep searching to avoid a situation in which you cannot keep the fixtures clean.

No Flat Tops

Although you will come across some fixture designs with a flat top, you are better off choosing ones that have an angled top so that nothing can get stuck there over time. A flat top is susceptible to dirt, grime, and dead insects staying on the top and needing to be cleaned off. An angled top will still get dirty and need cleaning, but it will not allow debris to build up.

It is not that easy to determine what qualities you should prioritize in outdoor lighting fixtures when you have not done much shopping around for them or any at all in the past. Using these tips to help you buy fixtures will improve your property while also minimizing cleaning needs.