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Details That Can Separate A High-End Gas Insert From A Low-End Product

Adding a gas insert to your home can provide numerous advantages, from augmenting the visual appeal of the space to offering you a cost-effective way to heat the residence. When you begin to shop for a gas insert, you need to know that not all products are created equally. While you can commonly find low-price gas inserts, you shouldn't automatically feel that this type of product is the best choice for your family. Visiting a specialized retailer to shop for your gas insert may cost you a little bit more money, but you'll also end up with a higher-quality product with which you're more satisfied in the long term. Here are some details that can separate a high-end gas insert from lower-end products.

Shape/Position Of The Logs

When you're evaluating the ceramic "logs" that are positioned within the gas insert, you shouldn't merely be looking at how realistic they are. While it's true that high-end gas inserts will commonly boast ceramic logs that are more lifelike than those in cheaper products, the manner in which the logs are positioned is also important. For high-end products, the logs are positioned so that they'll actually direct the heat inside the gas insert toward the vents that will capture it and push it out into the room. Sometimes, if you look carefully, you'll notice that the logs at the rear of the enclosure have a slightly cupped shape for this purpose.

Battery Backup

A fireplace is an effective way to heat your home in the event of a power outage, but not every homeowner wants to deal with the hassle of burning wood. If you've opted to buy a gas insert, you might be unnerved that a power outage may prevent you from starting the fire for warmth, given that these fixtures require electricity to light. However, when you look at higher-end products, you'll be pleased to see that they're commonly equipped with a battery backup — which will allow you to start the gas insert and warm up your cold house.

Authentic Design

Many people who prefer gas inserts want this fixture to look like an authentic wood-burning fireplace. However, cheaper products can often be made of low-cost materials that won't make any visitor to your home think that you're actually burning wood. When you buy a higher-end product from a top-tier manufacturer, you'll be pleased to see that better products are used. For example, you'll commonly see cast iron — a fixture in wood-burning fireplaces — used in higher-end gas inserts.