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2 Important Home Inspections You Should Consider Before Buying A Home

During the process of shopping for and buying a home, you want to make sure the home you ultimately buy is in good repair without any surprise defects. Any hidden problems and damage will transfer ownership to you when you take possession of the home, and it is nice to make sure these problems can be reflected in the home's purchase price. For this reason, here are two important inspections you will want to have professionally completed on any home you are under contract to buy.

Septic or Sewer Inspection

As you are touring a home with your real estate agent, there are several features of a home you want to ask about. These details will be included in a home's spec sheet and your realtor will have access to this through their home listing database, and includes whether the home is connected to the city sewer or has its own septic system.

When you find out the type of waste drainage system the home has, you will want it inspected to make sure there are no problems before you buy. If there are any problems exposed, you can adjust your purchase price on the home to reflect and compensate for any repairs you will need to make.

A home with a septic system should have the local septic tank inspection services check the connection from the home to the tank, inspect the tank for any damage or drainage issues, then inspect the drain field lines. A septic system that has become damaged by tree root intrusion or the excessive weight of a vehicle driving over its location, for example, will need to be repaired or replaced to ensure it adequately performs for your home waste drainage and treatment. A home connected to the city sewer should be inspected to look for damage to the main sewer line set below the soil. Your plumbing inspector can complete these inspections with a camera on the end of a sewer line snake.

Whole Home Inspection

Just as you inspect the waste drainage system on a home, you can have the entire home and its systems and components professionally inspected to look for any problems. This type of inspection by a professional will check the home's roof and drainage, the home foundation, interior plumbing lines, the home's heating system and hot water heater, as examples. Then, they will compile a report to you detailing their findings and usually including photos of any areas of wear or damage they have discovered. Use this information to adjust your purchase price, when necessary.