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Three Useful Ways To Advertise Your Business

One way to build your business is to build a brand and then make it a household name. As a small business owner, the best way to do this is to choose advertising materials that aren't destined for the recycling bin, but instead will become a useful reminder of your business in the homes of all your potential customers. The following are three advertising methods that can help you achieve this goal.

#1: Useful Magnets

Magnetic items usually aren't tossed because most people can find a use for them. The simplest and least expensive way to take advantage of this type of advertising is having simple imprinted business card magnets printed up. These are also lightweight and flat, so they can be affixed to mailers and sent out with your usual advertising fliers. If you want to invest a little more into the magnet advertising, there are even more useful options available. For example, magnetic notepads, pen holders, emergency number lists, or hot pad holders are just a few more options that you can have imprinted with your logo and business information. Since these tend to be kept on a refrigerator, your potential customers will end up seeing your business name daily.

#2: Targeted Tools

There are a plethora of useful tools available that you can have imprinted with your business details. You need to choose tools that pertain to your business but will also be useful for your customers. This way, your brand will become part of the collective subconscious and make future business dealings more likely. For example, if you own a plumbing business, you can have your info imprinted on small drain hair removal tools. Then, your info is right there when they need a plumber for a more severe clog. Or, if you own a tech repair company, consider imprinted USB memory sticks. The key is to choose tools a customer will keep and use, not ones that will just become clutter.

#3: Suitable Wearables

The benefits of wearable items as advertising giveaways is that you aren't just advertising to the recipient, but to everyone that sees the recipient wearing the item. Hats and visors, sunglasses, and even t-shirts can be inexpensive advertising items. Tote bags, string backpacks, and reusable grocery sacks are other ideas. Wearables tend to be a bit more expensive than other advertising items, so you may want to reserve these as gifts for new or existing customers, or as items to hand out at community events or trade shows.

For more help, contact an imprinting company. They can help you create a design and pick the perfect advertising item for your company.