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Have An Offer On Your Home? 4 Ways To Get Your House Ready For A Home Inspection

When you sell your home, once you accept an offer, the buyer is going to have the home inspected by a professional. This professional inspection is important; the sale is contingent on what is revealed in the home inspection. The buyer can legally ask for you to make repairs or discount the price of your home based on what is revealed, which is why you want your home inspection to produce positive results.

Way #1: Clean Up Your Roof

First, you need to clean your roof. Start by removing debris from your gutters. Then, make sure all your gutters and downspouts are properly attached to your home and are in the right positions. Next, get up on your roof and see if you have any missing or damaged tiles. Replace any missing or damaged tiles. Then, put some new sealant around the base of any vents or other objects that protrude from the roof.

Way #2: Make Sure All Your Lights Work

Second, make sure all the lights in your house work. You don't want to have blown lights, as the home inspector will then have to figure out if the light went out or if there is an electrical issue with the light. Make sure that you have working light bulbs in all the lights in your home.

Way #3: Deep Clean The Home

Third, spend some time deep cleaning your home. A dirty home can make it look like you have not taken good care of your place and can cause the home inspector to assume negative things about your home. Deep cleaning your home can also allow you to catch little things around your home that need to be fixed.

Go into each room and clean it top to bottom. Sweep cobwebs off the ceiling. Wipe down ceiling fans. Clean the walls and baseboards. Clean the windows and make sure each window operates smoothly. Clean the floors. Declutter items that are not necessary.

Way #4: Check Your Fuse Box

Finally, check and ensure your fuse box is properly and correctly labeled. This will make checking your electrical system a little smoother for the inspector.

Before the home inspection, you want to clean up your home and address any little issues that could result in negative information in a home inspection. By just cleaning up and making sure everything around the home works, the home inspection should produce mainly positive results that allow you to continue with the sale of your home.

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