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The Key Differences Between Cellulose And Fiberglass Insulation

Having a home with proper insulation is key to keeping it comfortable and energy efficient. However, the type of insulation that you put into your home is important. With there being options between cellulose and fiberglass insulation, you may be wondering what the differences are so you can make the right choice. 


Many homeowners pick fiberglass insulation because it is the most affordable option. The insulation comes in large rolls that are simple and fast to install on your own. The only tools that are required are a knife to cut through the insulation and a staple gun to secure it to the walls of your attic. However, it is much harder to install fiberglass insulation into existing walls of your home without opening them up.

Some of the problems that come with installing fiberglass insulation is that it can easily irritate you if you do not handle it properly. It is important that you cover all exposed skin, because the insulation can leave you feeling very itchy. The insulation itself does not do well with water. If you have a leak in your attic, the fiberglass insulation tends to absorb the water rather than repel it. 

If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, know that fiberglass insulation is made with recycled material. You'll be making less of an impact on the environment by not using raw materials to insulate your home. 


Cellulose insulation is manufactured using organic materials, such as cardboard or old newspaper. This makes cellulose insulation a sustainable insulation material, much like its fiberglass counterpart. However, cellulose is very different due to it being fire and moisture resistant. It can withstand high humidity levels and extreme heat much easier without being damaged. It is even possible to get cellulose insulation material that is designed to repel various pests from your attic thanks to special chemicals.

The installation process for cellulose insulation is very different though. It must be blown in using special equipment, which makes it harder to install by the typical homeowner. The blown-in insulation method makes it easier to place cellulose insulation on interior walls by making small holes, but not as accessible to do without professional help.

Not sure which type of insulation you should install in your home? Reach out to an insulation specialist for a consultation. They'll be able to give you an accurate price quote on how much it will cost to better insulate your home to make it more energy efficient and comfortable.